If 1:1 Sleep Consulting Isn’t For You


Improve your 4-12 month old baby’s sleep

Sleep train without using the “Cry it Out” method

Reduce night wakings and night feeds

Lengthen naps

Nights & Naps created the Perfect Program
for you to easily follow!

At a fraction of the cost of Sleep Consulting, it includes:

Easy to follow videos

Guides to download

Mama community

Follow along with Shannon's easy to follow videos and learn HOW to achieve the sleep goals of your dreams!

Getting Started Guide, Sleep Charts, Step-by-Step Sleep Training Method implementation, and more!

4 weeks access to our private community of families going through the same challenges. Shannon answers your specific sleep questions!

I have compiled the most important things you may need to know for the first three months of your child's life when it comes to sleep.

Comprehensive, yet an exhausted parent could read this entire Guide in 2 nights!

Newborn Sleep Guide - $28