Have you ever wondered...

... about starting a side hustle to make some extra income? However, your busy schedule leaves little room to research the type of side hustle that would align with your skills and interest. You know, you possess a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise that can be leveraged in various ways. Exploring a side hustle will not only offer you financial benefits but also provide an opportunity for personal growth and creativity. While the prospect of a side hustle is exciting, pursuing a new venture seems daunting. You yearn for guidance in selecting the right path that aligns with your skills and interests. 

‘Should I explore tutoring, freelancing, or perhaps create an online course? 

Navigating the entrepreneurial world can feel daunting, especially without a network of fellow women who have successfully embarked on their own side hustles, individuals who can offer advice, support and inspiration. You are driven by a genuine desire to enhance your financial stability and expand your horizons. You long for the day when your side hustle provides you with the financial freedom to pursue your passions, having the flexibility to choose your own schedule and work from the comfort of your home.

But where to start?

I know, I've been there!

How it all started

I’ve been an entrepreneur since middle school selling things like jewelry, gift baskets, and chocolate covered pretzels at church holiday fairs. By 15, I was door knocking for my brother’s house painting business trying to get people to sign up for free estimates. With a love of children and focusing more time on babysitting than selling, I finally agreed to what others had been telling me for years, “You should be a teacher!”. 

After graduating top of my class from the University of Hartford with degrees in Elementary and Special Education, I was an elementary school teacher for 8 years with Washington D.C. Public Schools. I have experience teaching everything from Kindergarten Special Education to 9th Grade Writing but most of my time was spent teaching 2nd and 3rd grade. Though even during my first year teaching I was already reading books like The Art of Nonconformity and Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau trying to dream up a business I could start. 

After having my daughter in 2019, I was motivated more than ever to find a way to work for myself from home so I could live a life of family-first freedom and leave the stressful life of being a teacher that had left me burnt out. 

My daughter really struggled with sleep the 4 month sleep regression and through researching ways to Sleep Train without using the Cry It Out Method, I stumbled upon a thing called “Sleep Consultants”. Who were these people and what did they do? It looked like they could help parents through the process of sleep training. There were people you could hire, courses you could take, consultations you could book. I found sleep science and sleep training so interesting that I started spinning her wheels… was this the business idea I had been waiting for? I could still have a positive impact on children and families, use my creativity and entrepreneurial mindset, and work part time hours from home. This seemed like the PERFECT side hustle. I already started dreaming of quitting my teaching job but to friends and family I just shared about my initial goal of a profitable side hustle. Plus, I told my husband, “at least I would learn everything about sleep so that I could help our own children to be good sleepers.”

I got my “certification” as a Sleep Consultant in 16 days. Passed my exam with flying colors. I started doing all the things that the program director said that she did to find clients. After getting three clients that were friends or old college classmates, I thought that they would go tell all their friends and they would tell their friends and with my website ready to go, my business would be BOOMING in just a couple of months from all the word of mouth referrals. 

NOPE. It was 5 months after my certification and I still was getting one or two clients trickling in each month from social media.

I knew something had to change!

My Story

But it wasn't easy...

I started to feel self-doubt creeping in, but I decided to double down on this dream that I wanted so badly.

I started learning from experts in other industries and applying it to the Sleep Consulting industry.

I started learning more about social media and growing my Instagram and TikTok communities.

Does any of this sound like you...

You fear investing time and money into a venture that may not yield the desired financial returns. And you worry about the uncertainty of generating consistent income through a side business.

You feel unequipped with the necessary business skills and knowledge to run a successful side hustle. You fear making mistakes in areas such as marketing, finances, or legal matters, which could lead to setbacks or failure.

You feel isolated without a network of like-minded individuals who have embarked on similar entrepreneurial journeys. You fear the lack of guidance, mentorship, and a supportive community to turn to for advice and encouragement.

What if I told you...

That there is a side hustle where you can use your skills, expert knowledge, and passion to make a real difference in people's lives and get paid for it!

That there's a side hustle where you can set your own schedule, work from the comfort of your home, and connect with families in a way that brings pure happiness and fulfillment to both you and them.

That you'll have the guidance, mentorship, and a supportive community to turn to for advice and encouragement, to make sure you will meet your financial goals.

Just imagine the possibilities!

In January of 2021, 7 months after my sleep consultant certification, and while still working as a full time teacher with a toddler at home, I put everything I had been learning into practice and hustled hard to see what I was really capable of. 30 days and 16 Clients later, I was feeling burnt out but I had proven to myself that I absolutely could be successful in this business! 

From there I worked on how to take what I had learned and create a scalable system that allowed me to work part time hours generating a full time income. I started working with Business Coaches, showing up consistently on TikTok, continued experimenting, and making my plan to quit teaching at the end of that school year. 

Not only did my Sleep Consulting business start to thrive, I fell in love with the business and entrepreneurial side of being a Sleep Consultant just as much (maybe more) than the sleep side! I started helping other Sleep Consultants with how to grow their businesses, find more leads, and make more revenue without working 40-60 hour weeks like many other entrepreneurs. This was called The Business Accelerator. 

I had clients who quit other jobs, tripled their monthly income, and truly started to believe in themselves for the first time! 

This is when I realized that there was a real gap in this market. Why should you have to pay $2500-$5000 for a certification, then months later when you realize finding clients and scaling your business is much harder than those programs made it seem, pay me $2600 to be your business coach? Instead, what if I created one program that combined my skills as a teacher, my knowledge as a sleep expert, and my experience as a Business Coach, and created one program that would certify women while helping them become successful entrepreneurs at the same time. Saving new sleep consultants time, money, and months and years of frustration. 

7 months later...

My Story

Listen to what other sleep consultants say about working with me...

Meet Karen 

She went from small side hustle to successful full time Sleep Consultant in less than a year!

Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

A lucrative side hustle for women who desire positive impact and family-first freedom.

We give you everything you need to confidently coach families so that you can transform their lives. Sleep impacts all other aspects of our lives. By helping a mom get her baby to go from waking 5 times a night and needing to be rocked back to sleep every time to sleeping 11 hours through the night, you are not just improving sleep for that baby:

You are helping that baby to be happier and more alert each day. 
You are helping that mom to improve her mental and physical health so she can show up as her best self. 
You are improving her marriage with her partner because they now argue less about quality time in the evenings and whose turn it is to go rock the baby. 

As Sleep Consultants, we don’t just help children sleep better, we change families' lives for the better:

As Sleep Consultants, we don’t just help children sleep better, we change families' lives for the better: 

With this Nights & Naps Master's program “Sleep Consulting and Entrepreneurship”, you’ll be given the right theoretical knowledge and practical skills to confidently start, expand, and thrive in your own sleep consulting business, while making an undeniable positive impact on children and families.

Online Certification


Sleep Consulting & 


10 months

Start Date:
Aug 1st, 2023

Study Time
4-8 hours a week

In a Nutshell:

Application Deadline:
July 31st, 2023

The Program Content

Month 1: Build a Solid Foundation

Sleep Curriculum:

Month 1 of our certification program focuses on laying a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding about pediatric sleep. You will dive into the fascinating world of sleep science and gain a comprehensive understanding of sleep cycles, patterns, and their significance in child development. 

Business Curriculum:

This month sets the stage for building a strong brand as a sleep consultant. You will focus on laying the foundation for your side hustle, honing in on essential elements such as addressing money blocks, defining your target avatar, crafting a compelling brand, building an online presence, and clarifying your mission and vision. And.. we will help you open and officially launch your sleep consulting business!

A Unique Approach That Gives Equal Importance To Sleep And Business Skills

Month 2: From Vision to Execution

Sleep Curriculum:

Month 2 of our certification program focuses on bridging the gap between vision and execution, we will guide you through sleep schedules and sleep training methods,  we will explain about external factors that might impact sleep, sleep regressions and sleep associations. And we will equip you with practical strategies for sleep when all else fails.

Business Curriculum:

This month you will learn our step-by-step content creation process, and how to optimise space, time and technology for your sleep consulting business We will talk about mastering internal and external triggers, time-boxing, how to create an indistractable workplace, how to benefit of existing AI tools, and how to make money while you sleep.

The Only Program Where You’ll Have A Running Business Before Being Certified!

Month 3: Master the Art of Communication

Sleep Curriculum:

This month we will focus on developing effective communication skills as a pediatric sleep consultant. You will learn how to engage and interact with parents, effectively communicate sleep-related information, and provide support and guidance. We will address topics such as inclusivity and empowerment and how to create raving fans.

Business Curriculum:

This month is all about moving from conversation to enrollment. We will share our powerful framework, you will learn how to deal with objections and we will help you land your first client. Other things we will be addressing are building a network, creating a community and tips for co-elevation with your fellow sleep consultants. Bonus video's will contain topics such as scaling your business, and how to build a super star team.

Collaboration and Community over Competition!


You're a Certified Sleep Consultant! You have the comprehensive understanding of pediatric sleep, entrepreneurship, and effective communication skills, and this is where most sleep certifications stop. While this is the most crucial face where some of you will manage to build a thriving business, while others (with huge potential) fail.

But, WE don't stop here!

Month 4-10: Mentorship

We ensure that you have the practical experience and mentorship needed to further enhance your skills and thrive in your sleep consulting career.

For 6 months, you will have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice by working with real clients. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, you will engage in supervised consultations and gain valuable hands-on experience. You will have the chance to apply your communication techniques, develop customized sleep plans, and provide support to families seeking your expertise. Through mentorship, you will receive personalized feedback, guidance, and insights to further refine your consulting skills and enhance your effectiveness as a sleep consultant.

By engaging in practical experience and mentorship, participants you will have the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. This invaluable experience will further solidify your expertise, boost your confidence, and equip you with the practical tools and insights necessary to excel as a pediatric sleep consultant.

We help you build a thriving sleep consulting business you can be proud of!

"More useful and less time consuming than an actual Master's degree, plus see a full return on investment within the 10 month program instead of $50k debt."

Our Promise:

  • Gain the confidence to attract high-paying clients from day one.
  • Start selling a core offer priced between $600-$1000, enabling you to reach $5k months with just 6 clients per month.
  • Enroll clients with ease using my proven "Curious to Closed" Framework that has delivered results for myself and 20+ other Sleep Consultants.
  • Acquire the skills to effectively market your services and create engaging social media posts.
  • Master financial management to ensure your business runs smoothly.
  • Implement proven marketing strategies that bring in consistent results.
  • Build a business that integrates work and life seamlessly as you achieve your revenue goals working just 15-30 hours per week.

At Nights & Naps, we're here to keep it real with you. We get that being certified is important, but it's only one piece of the puzzle. In order to make it in the sleep consulting industry and achieve financial success, you need more than a certificate hanging on your wall.
That's why our program is different. We're all about giving you the whole package – the knowledge, the skills, and the ongoing support to turn your certification into a kickass business. We don't just teach you the sleep science stuff (although that's super important!). We also dive deep into the world of business, marketing, and all the nitty-gritty details that come with running a successful sleep consulting business.

Our program provides comprehensive training on these critical business aspects, enabling you to hit the ground running and build a thriving sleep consulting business you can be proud of! Our instructors and mentors are renowned sleep consultants and successful entrepreneurs who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey. Meet our team of experts:

Facilitated by Founder & CEO

I am a former elementary school teacher that took my Sleep Consulting business from side hustle to full time income within one year and now I'm coaching others on how to grow their business with their specific goals, their time, and their revenue in mind. 

I didn’t have the network (friends or local community) that could lead me to regular client referrals so instead I’ve been able to leverage social media. In less than two years on TikTok, I hit 100k followers and started to master video content as a way to connect, build trust, provide value, and generate leads. 

As much as I love Sleep Consulting, Business Coaching is my jam! I love empowering women with the strategy so they can go out and hit their goals. If I’m not working, you’ll find me playing with kiddos or planning our next vacation with my husband. 

Left with questions? Unsure if this program is perfect for you? 

Shannon Buhera

To pick my brain, talk through your business goals, and see if this program is right for you 

Your Success As a Sleep Consultant is Our Mission

Meet Your Co-Facilitator

When I was growing up, they told me "pick one thing and stick with it". I tried, but then decided that that wasn't the path for me. Instead I embraced all of my interests, unlocked my full potential and am now running multiple businesses, while living a nomadic lifestyle since the past 12 years... 

I am a teacher-director, pediatric sleep consultant, postpartum doula, graphic designer, wilderness guide, author, public speaker and the COO of Nights & Naps. I am what they call a 'multi-passionate serial entrepreneur'.  

My motto: "Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy!" and so I work online from Monday to Thursday, have no overhead (no home, no car, no debt), live in a new country every few months, learn about cultures through volunteering, meet fascinating people & make friends all around the world!

At Nights & Naps, I now help others (like you!) become sleep consultants, enabling you to create a business (and life!) you truly love. 

Hey, I'm Rianna Hijlkema

  • Comprehensive Sleep Science Curriculum: Gain in-depth knowledge about sleep science, including the physiological and psychological aspects of sleep, sleep cycles, sleep disorders, and their impact on overall well-being. Understand the science behind sleep to provide effective solutions to clients.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Integration: Unlike traditional programs, our Sleep Consultant Certification Course integrates business and entrepreneurship from the beginning. Learn essential business skills, such as marketing, branding, client acquisition, and financial management, while you develop expertise in sleep consulting. This unique approach allows you to start building your business as you learn, giving you a head start in the industry.
  • Practical Application and Case Studies: Engage in practical exercises and real-life case studies that simulate consulting scenarios. Apply your knowledge to solve sleep-related challenges, develop effective sleep plans, and guide clients through their sleep improvement journeys.
  • Personalized Sleep Plan Development: Master the art of creating personalized sleep plans tailored to individuals of all ages, including newborns, babies, toddlers, and pre-school age. Learn how to conduct thorough sleep assessments, identify sleep issues, and develop customized strategies for clients based on their specific needs and preferences.
  • Effective Communication and Coaching Techniques: Acquire essential communication and coaching skills to effectively guide and motivate clients throughout their sleep improvement process. Learn how to establish rapport, address client concerns, provide feedback, and empower individuals to adopt healthier sleep habits.
  • Business Development Strategies: Understand the principles of business development and marketing specific to sleep consulting. Learn how to attract clients, build a strong online presence, develop strategic partnerships, and leverage social media to grow your sleep consulting business.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Explore the legal and ethical aspects of sleep consulting, including confidentiality, informed consent, and professional boundaries. Gain a solid understanding of industry standards and best practices to ensure ethical conduct throughout your consulting career.
  • Ongoing Support and Networking: Benefit from continuous support even after certification. Access to a vibrant community of fellow sleep consultants, industry experts, and resources to exchange ideas, seek advice, and stay updated on the latest developments in sleep science and consulting.
  • Certification and Professional Recognition: Upon successful completion of the course, receive a Sleep Consultant Certification that demonstrates your expertise and commitment to excellence. This credential will enhance your professional reputation and credibility, positioning you as a trusted authority in the field.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of an online learning platform that allows you to study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Access course materials, assignments, and resources 24/7 to fit your learning around your schedule.
  • Preparing for Success: Our unique approach of integrating business training from the start ensures you have a head start in establishing your sleep consulting business. By the time you complete the certification, you'll have a business plan, marketing strategies, and practical experience to hit the ground running.
  • Lifetime Access to Course Material: Retain access to the course material even after certification. Review and refresh your knowledge whenever needed, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest sleep research and industry advancements.

Features & Benefits

Our Program

Meet Anna

She’s been able to double her income in less than 2 months!

"My favorite part is that she helped me gain the confidence to really promote my business, and to charge what I'm worth. My December goal was $2000, and I exceeded that, which was our first month working together. My original goal for January was $2000, but I knew I could increase it and confidently doubled that goal. And I actually made over $5000 in revenue for January! Shannon was amazing at breaking everything down for me, doing a business and social media audit, then we worked together to continue my success. She was amazing with keeping my goals and steps realistic with the very part time hours I had to put into my business. Shannon is PHENOMENAL and working with her was life changing for my business!"


Meet Ella

Ella had an Instagram following but she wasn’t converting enough followers to clients until she entered the Business Program. After strategic changes to messaging and her social media strategy, she saw a return on investment within one month! 

Meet Nicole

Nicole left her corporate job to spend more time at home with her kids and pursue Sleep Consulting as a passion project that generated income! She’s now using TikTok to get leads with 20k followers and counting! 


Lucia has experience as a business owner but was new to Sleep Consulting. She niched down, changed her offer, and gained confidence in speaking to potential clients which will continue to impact her business year after year!

Meet Kayla

She’s been able to leverage Instagram to reach a wider audience and land more clients!

"I had a smaller following on social media and with Shannon's help hit 10k followers in a short time. With Shannon's coaching that number has grown to just over 18k (and counting). Through this success I have reached a wider audience and landed more clients. Shannon was a wealth of knowledge and always eager to answer my questions. She created a plan that actually provided results and of course kept me on track with my goals. It was a great investment that I was able to see return on in a very short period of time!"


A Unique Approach That Gives Equal Importance To Sleep And Business Skills

The Only Program Where You’ll Have A Running Business Before Being Certified!

The First In The Sleep Consulting Industry

This Is What You'll Get:

Learn everything you need to know to become a certified sleep consultant using video lessons, guides + checklists, as well as required and recommended reading so that you’re beyond confident in helping families solve their sleep challenges and so you have a wealth of content ideas to launch your social media! 

Self-Paced Sleep Curriculum

Let me be straight up - the sleep part is simple. Figuring out how to start, launch, and grow a small business that generates income - not so simple. It can be challenging, exhausting, frustrating, and ultimately be the reason people leave the industry altogether. That’s why our certification program is not all about sleep, it’s about 50% business so you can start building the foundation of your business before you’re even certified, allowing you to profitably launch and grow in significantly less time than other programs. 

Integrated Self-Paced Business Curriculum

To learn directly from Shannon and Rianna and build business momentum and inspiration

8 Live Group Coaching Calls

To ask questions, overcome challenges, learn from each other, and stay on track with your goals

Access to a Private Cohort Community

Including small group support, monthly mastermind calls, 2 Sleep Plan Reviews for tough client cases, a little community cheering you on as your business starts to blow up, and more! 

6 Months of Mentorship

On Nights & Naps social media and website (combined 100k followers) to help you generate brand awareness and generate leads.

6 Months of Features and Promotions

Exclusive Bonuses Only For Fall 2023 Class

  • A 60 Minute 1:1 Business Coaching Call with Shannon to be used anytime during the 10 month program.
  • A collection of 10 customizable social media templates designed for your branding from Rianna.
  • A $500 USD discount if you enroll before July 31st, 2023

Plus Get These Bonuses:

IG Stories that Sell Masterclass
Value: $197

Yearly Business Planning Workshop + Workbook
Value: $97

IG Caption Templates
Value: $97

This Is A One-Time Offer & Will Not Repeat Again


Apply for the 2023 Fall Semester!

*** Or 4 monthly installment-free payments of $725


10 months

Start Date:
Aug 1st, 2023

Study Time
4-8 hours a week

In a Nutshell:

Application Deadline:
Aug 8th, 2023

We Believe In Empowering Aspiring Sleep Consultants To Not Only Gain Expertise In The Field But Also Kickstart Their Entrepreneurial Journey From Day One!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the financial investment?

$2900 or a payment plan option of 4 monthly payments of $725
Note: Prices in 2024 will start from $3000 USD

Why is there an application process?

Your success is important to us. We also value our Nights & Naps culture and want to make sure this is a great fit for both of us. 

Do I need prior business experience to join the program?

No, prior business experience is not required. Our program is designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of business knowledge. Whether you're new to entrepreneurship or have prior experience, we provide comprehensive resources and support to help you navigate the business aspects of sleep consulting. We believe in equipping our students with the tools they need to succeed, regardless of their background.

Do I need to be a technology expert?

You do not need to be an expert but you must be open to learning and using technology such as Canva, Instagram/Facebook. Having basic technology skills will make the process much easier for you, however keep in mind that we've done most of the preparation for you by building ready to use materials. And if you run into challenges, our customer tech support is here to help you with any related issues.

How soon can I get certified?

After you complete the necessary steps, you could be officially certified in as little as 3 months from your start date. What sets our program apart is that not only will you be certified, but you will also have a thriving business up and running. This is in contrast to traditional certification programs, where certification can be achieved within 2-6 weeks, but there is little to no support to launch, grow and scale your business. We don't want you to be one of the overwhelmed consultants that eventually quits. We want you to succeed!

Will Nights & Naps send me leads?

As a Certified Sleep Consultant, you are 100% responsible for generating your own leads and clients for your business. However, part of our program includes being featured and promoted on our Nights & Naps social media, website, and even within our lead generation funnels for 6 months+ helping to jumpstart your brand recognition and lead generation. 

How much money can I make as a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Although we can't predict what your income will be, we can tell you that earning a full or part-time income is very possible with consistency, dedication and a positive mindset. This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. Business success does not happen overnight.

As with all worthwhile things in life, you'll have to put in the time and the effort and we'll encourage you every step of the way. We also encourage our students to think outside of the box with ways to earn money as a Certified Sleep Consultant. It’s why we’ve included an entire module in the coach training that will teach you how to create your own custom programs and packages using skills and talents you already have.

                  to Starting A Sleep Consulting Side Hustle From Home

Free Guide