Masterclass For 3-18 months 

Sleeping & Feeding Schedules for your Breastfed Baby

With Shannon Buhera, certified pediatric sleep consultant, lactation educator, and founder of Nights & Naps

Flexible or Set? On Demand or Scheduled? Is your baby getting enough milk & enough sleep?

This Masterclass Will Leave yOu Confident In

Knowing when to put your baby to sleep and when to wake them up

Your breastfeeding journey and how to know that your baby is getting enough

Transitioning from 4-3-2-1 Naps 

Ensuring your baby is always happy and never overtired or hungry

When and why to reduce night feeds vs keep them

Deciding When Bedtime Should Be

Get Instant Access To:

Full Masterclass led by Shannon Buhera to watch whenever it works for your schedule

Ultimate Sleep Schedules Guide: 0-24 Months

Sample Sleeping & Feeding Schedules by Age


Sleep Training 101: When, Why, and Options for How

Plus These Bonuses

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Walk away with new knowledge, options in designing a schedule, and confidence in motherhood! 

Being released in mARCH 2022

Pre-Register Now & Save $50: 



Working with Shannon calmed my skepticism and fear of sleep training.


Now my family and I sleep better and are happier overall.


Working with Shannon was a decision I wish we had made a long time ago.

hey mama

I'm Shannon Buhera!

Yes - I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Yes - I’m a Mama, too.
Yes - I’m a former Elementary and Special Education teacher. 
And YES - I have been where you are. 
Sleep deprived. Overwhelmed. Unsure what to try next. 
Now my daughter falls asleep easily and wakes up happy!

Now I’ve helped over 100 families reach their sleep goals and I’d love your family to be next! 

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