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I'm Shannon Buhera!

Wife and Mama

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Founder of Nights & Naps 

I have been working with children and families as a nanny, a tutor, and in preschools and elementary schools since 2006. I graduated top of my class from the University of Hartford with degrees in Elementary and Special Education and spent 8 years as a proud public school teacher in Washington D.C. 

So how did I go from teacher

So how did I go from

Sleep Consultant? 

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I thought, “would there ever be something I felt more passionate about than teaching?” Then in 2019, I had my daughter, Anashe. As challenging and exhausting as motherhood can be, I absolutely loved it. I knew then that I was meant to continue to work with children and families but in a different way. 

When Anashe was 3.5 months old she started waking constantly throughout the night, needing to be nursed or given a bottle to get back to sleep. My husband and I were sleep deprived and unsure of what to try next. I turned to the internet and felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information. I read a book about baby sleep I found at my local used book store and gave that method a try and when it didn’t work I felt so discouraged. As months went by, I kept hoping and praying that “maybe tonight will be the night that she finally sleeps through the night!” 

When nothing changed, my husband and I kept saying, “We can’t go on like this anymore!” That’s when I started diving deeper into Sleep Science and Sleep Training. I eventually saw a program to become a Sleep Consultant. I enrolled to find solutions to help my own daughter with the hopes of maybe turning it into a little business eventually. 

I worked through the program and I learned that her sleep being so fragmented wasn’t good for her happiness and even her development. But I also knew I wasn’t interested in “Cry It Out”. Through all the books and articles and lessons in my certification, I learned there are so many other options to reach the same goal of improving sleep. 

Once I was far enough in the course I created a plan to solve my daughter’s sleep challenges. 3 NIGHTS. That’s how long it took for her to start sleeping through the night. 11 hours! After that, I was sold. Sold on Sleep Science and the benefits of Sleep Training. Sold that this was something that I truly enjoyed learning about and believed in it’s extreme value and importance. 

My daughter started waking up happier and my husband and I woke up well-rested and ready to show up as our best selves at home, at work and for our daughter. And soon after I was ready to start helping other families do the same thing. 

That’s how Nights & Naps was born. 

One year later, I quit my teaching job because I had fallen in love with being a Sleep Consultant and being a “momtrepreneur”! Oh, and I was pretty damn good at it, too! 

Now, I’m ready to help your family solve your sleep challenges and get the rest your entire family needs and deserves. 

Whether you have a 3 month old or a 5 year old, Maybe you too...

are sleep deprived and not sure what else to try. 

want your child to have longer stretches of healthier sleep but you’re not okay with just doing the Cry It Out method. 

feel overwhelmed when turning to the internet or you’ve tried one method and it didn’t work. 

If that’s you, the good news is that you're in the right place and I can help. 

Our Mission

At Nights & Naps, we aim to inform, encourage, and empower parents during their child's journey to better sleep. We find ways to make Childhood Sleep Education accessible for all families because everyone deserves safe, stress free, quality sleep - babies, toddlers, and parents, too. 

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