Are you a new mama facing challenges during the 4th Trimester?

We can help with: 

Newborns fighting sleep, will only sleep when held, and waking constantly

Sleep schedules, daily and nightly routines, and setting up the ideal sleep environment

Concerns around getting enough milk, painful latch/nipples, and if/when/how to supplement 

Return to work plans, pumping, milk supply, transition to daycare sleep/feeding

& More

hey mama

I'm Shannon Buhera!

Shannon Buhera, founder of Nights & Naps is a successful Sleep Consultant, having worked with over 150 families after completing her certification from The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. She is also a CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) trained Lactation Educator who, after 2 weeks of very challenging breastfeeding immediately after birth, successfully breastfed her own daughter until she was over two years old. With degrees in Elementary and Special Education and a heart to help more families reach their breastfeeding and sleep goals in a safe and effective way, Shannon is the perfect person to help you through your newborn challenges.

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Shannon was an absolute dream to work with and I’ll shout her name from the rooftops any chance I get.

She went over our different options in detail, answered every question I had no matter how ridiculous I thought it may have been, and walked us through what the nights would probably look like since we still room share. Every morning Shannon would check in to see how the night went, reassure us that we were doing great, offer any support if we had a tough night, and celebrate any victory big or small. Shannon was an absolute dream to work with and I’ll shout her name from the rooftops any chance I get.


She truly made us feel so understood, at ease, and didn't force anything we weren't comfortable with.


It was HARD to decide to get help, but it was the BEST decision for my family!

I would recommend Nights & Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting by Shannon Buhera 100%.


Shannon educated us, encouraged us and even enlightened us...


Shannon gave us the confidence and comfort to finally take the steps to help our daughter achieve quality sleep.

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