Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Night Feeds

Specific strategies to safely and gradually night wean your breastfed or bottle fed baby between 3 months and 3 years old!

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"The guide is very practical and is broken down into phases so it doesn’t seem as daunting as I envisioned it in my head. Once again Shannon has given me the tools to reclaim my sleep while still caring for my little one!! Thank you"


The information was very helpful and most importantly easy to understand and follow! It wasn’t hard to implement the strategy she recommended.

So you did Sleep Training but your baby or toddler is STILL waking for feeds throughout the night?

This Guide will teach you the exact strategies that I use with my 1:1 Sleep Consulting Clients to reduce or eliminate night feeds!

How do I know if it’s time to stop night feeds?

How can I get my child to stop waking during the night for feeds?

How can I ensure that my child is not actually hungry?

Should I stop feeds cold turkey or gradually wean?

(Spoiler Alert: WEAN gradually using the strategies in this guide for 1-3 weeks)

Spoiler alert

This Guide Is For You If You’re Questioning:

You knew exactly how to drop from many night feeds to 3, 2, 1 and then down to 0.

Your child stopped waking from hunger and started sleeping through the night

You could stop worrying about “are they actually hungry or are they just feeding for comfort?” 

You could wake up more energized and ready to take on your day because you got a FULL night’s sleep! 

Imagine if...


Shannon educated us, encouraged us and even enlightened us...I would recommend Nights & Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting by Shannon Buhera 100%.

Guide To Reducing And Eliminating Night Feeds

Here's What's Inside

This guide will allow you to finally stop waking for feeds and start getting a full night’s rest without ever leaving your child hungry or sacrificing your successful breastfeeding journey.

Perfect for breastfeeding or bottle feeding moms! 
Easy to read, understand, and follow a step-by-step process!

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When and why to reduce night feeds

What you need to do before you begin the process

Next steps to improving sleep

How to ensure success without negatively impacting your breastfeeding journey

Troubleshooting common problems in the process

3 phase process to eliminating feedings

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Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Night Feeds - $27

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I have helped countless families make this transition successfully and I have done it myself too! I sleep trained at 4.5 months, then completely night weaned at 8 months, and continued to successfully breastfeed my daughter past 2.5 years old! 

You CAN successfully wean without weaning day feeds! 

Still want to breastfeed during the day? No problem! 

hey mama

I'm Shannon Buhera!

I created this guide as a simple resource for Moms looking to take the next step to improve sleep for their baby by finally reducing or eliminating those last night wakings caused my feeds!

Yes - I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Yes - I’m a Mama, too.
Yes - I’m a former Elementary and Special Education teacher. 
And YES - I have been where you are. 
Sleep deprived. Overwhelmed. Unsure what to try next. 

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