Nights & Naps Newborn Sleep Guide

Everything new parents need to know for the first 3 months of sleep in a simple, easy to read guide. 

I read all the baby sleep books so that you don’t have to! 

Watch Now: 4 Step Process to getting your newborn to stop crying and fall asleep

Need more strategies and ideas like this for your baby? Find ALL my newborn sleep recommendations inside this guide! 

This Guide Is For You If You’re Questioning:

How do I get my baby to stop crying and fall asleep?

How much should my baby be sleeping?

Where should my baby sleep?

Should I be worried about SIDS or Colic?

Does my baby need to be on a schedule yet?

How often should my baby wake at night and what should I do?

Should my baby be "sleeping through the night"?

Does my baby need a bedtime routine?

Why does my baby sleep all day and is up all night?

Am I doing this right? Is this normal?


I bought this for a friend who's struggled with getting her baby to fall asleep. She loves it!!

Using several books and many articles backed by research and science, I have taken out all the pages and pages of data, studies, statistics, and examples, and simplified it down to what parents really need to know.

Comprehensive, yet an exhausted parent could read this entire Guide in 2 nights!
It includes the most important information and action steps to take to help your family with sleep and begin building healthy sleep habits for the rest of your child's life.

I have compiled the most important things you may need to know for the first three months of your child's life when it comes to sleep.

Nights & Naps Newborn Sleep Guide

Here's What's Inside

Start reading today so you can be sleeping better by tomorrow for just $10!

Sleep Safety: What you need to know

Recommended Sleepwear

Sleeping + Feeding Routines

Newborn Sleep Chart

Sleep Schedule Basics

How to put your newborn to sleep

Why and how to use white noise

What’s normal for night wakings?

Day-Night Confusion

What are Sleep Associations?

Sleep Science: active vs quiet sleep

How to do a dream feed

Bedtime Routines

Next steps to improving sleep

Common Newborn Sleep Problems explained

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Guide 4

hey mama

I'm Shannon Buhera!

I created this guide as a simple resource for new parents looking to take the first step to improve sleep for their newborn while prioritizing sleep safety and healthy habits!

Yes - I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Yes - I’m a Mama, too.
Yes - I’m a former Elementary and Special Education teacher. 
And YES - I have been where you are. 
Sleep deprived. Overwhelmed. Unsure what to try next. 

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