Ultimate Baby + Toddler Sleep Schedules Guide

Master Sleep Schedules for your 0-24 month old so that you can be confident they're getting the sleep they need every day and night! 

This Guide has over 5000 downloads! 

How much sleep a baby needs and sample schedules by age!

This Guide has all this info for every age 0-24 M + way more!

Is my child getting enough sleep?

How much do they really need?

How often should my child be napping?

How many naps per day is normal for their age?

This Guide Is For You If You’re Questioning:

When should bedtime be?

When should they wake up in the morning?

Should I have a set schedule or should it change?

When and how can I do nap transitions?

Is my baby not sleeping well because they are overtired or undertired?


We downloaded the guide and used it to help us with nap time. It was so helpful!

Imagine if...

Your child started falling asleep faster and easier because you were putting them to sleep when they were really ready for it! Never getting too overtired or undertired. 

You knew exactly how much sleep your child needs each day and night

You could create a flexible sleep schedule that works both for you and your baby

You stopped waiting for just sleepy cues, and had a plan of when to put your child down for their next nap

You started feeling more confident in the sleep decisions you were making for your child

The answers are all waiting for you in an easy to read Digital Guide for just $5.

Ultimate Baby + Toddler Sleep Schedules Guide

Here's What's Inside

This guide will allow you to stop googling wake window and sleep schedule ideas every month and start confidently making changes so that you know your baby is getting the sleep they need, when they need it! 

Whether you’re planning to print it out and keep it in your nightstand or save it digitally on your phone or laptop, you’ll use it over and over again in the coming months so you can stress less, and get your baby sleeping more. 

Get Your Ultimate Baby + Toddler Sleep Schedules Guide Now for just $5

How to use wake windows to create a flexible schedule

When should bedtime be?

Next Steps to improving sleep

Sample Sleep Schedules by Age

Sleep Charts for 0-24 months

Ultimate Sleep Schedules Guide - $5

Sleep Training 101 Video Series - $5

Get The Bundle

Guide 1

Guide 2

Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Night Feeds - $27

Guide 3

The Nights & Naps Sleep Guide Bundle All for just $30!

hey mama

I'm Shannon Buhera!

I created this guide as a simple resource for Moms looking to take the first step to improve sleep for their baby by mastering sleep schedules (or getting as close as you possibly can to mastering anything in motherhood)! 

Yes - I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Yes - I’m a Mama, too.
Yes - I’m a former Elementary and Special Education teacher. 
And YES - I have been where you are. 
Sleep deprived. Overwhelmed. Unsure what to try next. 

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